Commercial Design & Cultivation

  • Invest With GSRDELOPMENT, Gain Profits Within 1 Year! 
  • Master Growers At Your Fingertips, 2nd Generation Experience.
  • Can Manage 5,000-15,000sq ft From Start To Finish.
  • Can Complete Full Commercial Grow Build.
  • Can Complete Full Design And Managment. 

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  • A location for proposed cultivation area and to provide correct permits for cultivation. ( Ample power and water available)
  • Funds For Build, design and 1 harvest. (Broken down in quote)
  • You will be required to vend your own merchandise. (we have options avaible for you if you cannot)
  • To pay %60 percent of turn over cost for the following harvest. Along with other expenses.

Whats Required Of Us 

  • We will build entire commercial cultivation area from scratch. (Indoor,outdoor, greenhouse. Including A/C, Electical, Cultivation Design, Insulation,Structure Design, Structure Build, Etc..)
  •  As master growers we will personally maintain harvest from start to finished product, with extreme care.
  • If required we can vend both parties’ merchandise to wholesale buyers.
  • Provide a binding legal doucment in which both parties agrees upon drawn up by our attornies.
  • To pay 40% of turn over costs for following harvest, along with other expenses.
  • Our Required Percentage Stake 40%
  • Your Given Percentage Stake 60%
Abe H.

Abe H.

Master Grower

Master Grower/Commercial Cultivation Design

Taye Silva

Taye Silva

Master Grower

Master Grower/Commercial Cultivaton Design

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